Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Our Imprompu Inaugural Trashspotting Journey

While walking through Brooklyn Heights on a break from studying for finals, Cardo-Jimframe Steve and I happened upon an interesting trash display, so we took a picture and performed some rudimentary trash-analysis. Please forgive the small camera phone picture; as this was not a planned expedition our Jimframe did not have the proper equipment with him.

In the center of the picture is a stack of law textbooks neatly tied up in a bundle. We could only see what two of the books were; one was called Legal Methods and the other was something to do with Contract Law. These are both first year law courses. No first year law student (or a 1L, as we call them) would throw out books without making an effort to sell them back, either through the school bookstore or online. Book-buying week started Monday, coinciding with finals, but a 1L has not had time to complete exams yet, so he would still need at least some of these books. A more likely scenario is that these are the old books of a graduating student who realized that these books are just cluttering up his apartment, and he is unable to sell them, being three years out of date, so he has left them on the curb. As to the old vacuum being thrown out, there are too many possible reasons, and the only thing we can say at this point is that someone needs a new vacuum. At another residence, we spotted an empty 24-waffle Eggo box being thrown out, but unfortunately we did not get a picture. Cardo Steve thinks that this is too many waffles and that nobody would ever need 24 waffles; I vehemently disagree and take the position that one can never have too many waffles. We would appreciate any comments on the matter.